Web Work

As a web designer I have created web and mobile interfaces, pages, sites and apps. The designs are from scratch, and leveraging brand, company templates, as well as content management systems.

Small Business Owner

The need was to create a site where vital information was accessible, in a responsive design across all devices. The results were achieved with a customized single page WordPress site, and customers were pleased to be able to find all the information they needed, easily accessible, in a format that reflected the quality and design of the salon.

Artist site

Using the clients web service I changed and updated their template, re-architected the site and fixed all the  portfolio photography resulting in a site update that has helped secure gallery installations and art shows across the country.

Work for non-profits

The need was to design and built a site for a prestigious Poetry Magazine, highlighting their catalog of past issues and their contributors’ work, as well as their valuable collection of illustration and art. The resulting design, a site design that highlighted the beauty of their word and work, while ensuring that the site was easy for the client to maintain.

Enterprise Websites

Created graphics, new pages, and templates for the Enterprise Business pages. This as well as evolving the brand, improving user experience, and maintaining a unified look globally, all on time and within budget.

Design Flow Across the Web

Implemented the Look & Feel that supports and promotes the brand starting with landing pages and across all social media assets.

Mobile Apps

Created designs and assets for mobile apps, enabling event attendees to get latest updates, experience demos and to easily connect to social networks while at the event. Delivered all within a compressed timeline.

Tech Start-up

Created, designed and built a site that highlighted their new technology and helped them launch their new company.

SMB Websites

Designed and built a site that helped them promote their technology, helping lead to the companies successful acquisition.

Businesses entering the U.S. Market

Designed and built a site that helped the client establish themselves in the U.S. Market, with a website design that later was adapted by the home office in Europe.

Marketing Consulting Firms

Created, designed and built a site promoting an international marketing consulting firm.

Annual Reports on the Web

Designed and built a site that allowed shareholders to access the full annual report online as well.