Mo & Mo en Route – Naming Rights

Why do companies and people pay big money for naming rights in the marketplace, but pay big money and hide their names in politics?



Mo & Mo en Route – Just Don’t Click

Just don’t click…

Why do legit news stories have all these bizarre “ad” or “paid” news stories at the end or mixed in with them?Clog-15-20b


Mo & Mo en Route – Marginalize


When everything becomes marginalized, what’s left?

MG - Marginalizing, sure a lot of it. ML - Be it by races, by sex, by age, by class… ML - Workers, farmers, this biz, that biz, heck whole countries. MG - Marginalizing so many, there are no margins anymore. ML - All that’s left is that dot. MG - Looks like a zit.> ML - If we scrub real hard maybe it’ll go away? MG - We could try that.


Mo & Mo en Route – Ballast


One of the meanings for ballast is, “anything that gives mental or moral stability”. This is hard to measure, but when lost the cost is immeasurable.

What’s that? The corporate balloon… they’re dropping ballast. Ballast with parachutes? I mean employees… > The company is trying to stay aloft. Those are skimpy parachutes. Well, there might be some rough landings… But fear not, the company gives the biggest parachutes to those with the biggest salaries. Seems counterintuitive? Yeah. - Ouch!-OOO!-Ugh!-Thud! How do they keep from going down? Well, we do know the problem isn’t a lack of hot air. No, no, not the problem. - Go-team-go! Cut! Cut-back, Buy back, Re-org, Spin-off… Still sinking! What now? Flap, flap your arms! Need more resources! Too late.


Mo & Mo en Route – Cliffhangers


You would think they could come up with a new story device… overused maybe?

Our hero being chased by the angry mob... Makes a desperate attempt to escape, he jumps! Is this the end of him? I really hate all these season ending cliffhangers. UUH… Writers should know if the show is good, we’ll be back? And if we do come back, it's in spite of, not because of, the cliffhanger. Except now we’re just annoyed! Hey, I could use some resolution about now! Maybe next season.


Mo & Mo en Route – Opening…


“The end of the world” check your local listings.

Armageddon, zombies, asteroids, pandemics, earthquakes. It’s apocalypse now, apocalypse tomorrow, apocalypse again next week. Movies, TV, graphic novels, what is the fascination with the end of the world? “…as we know it and I’m feeling fine.” I guess it’s entertaining as long as it only lasts for an hour or two. M...And you can find good eats after.


Mo & Mo en Route – Real News

The Real News

The problem of news…



Mo & Mo en Route – iWant


Cool is one thing, but…



Mo & Mo en Route – Taxes


Making it harder helps how?