Mo & Mo en Route – Is it about You or Me?

Is it about You or Me?

So it’s been said, “It’s not about you”, and maybe so, but for POTUS please note.

So, let’s face it, it’s not about you. If the “you” is “me”, then no it’s not about me. Then is it about me? No, it’s not about you either. But if the “you” is the “He” then the “He” is the “Me”. And we all know for He “It’s all about Me.” That “Me” being “Him”. Pardon Me? He is giving a whole new meaning to that phrase. My head hurts …tell me about it. Partisan divide is ripping us apart. The effects of climate change… We could use some more loyalty… I Can Be the ‘Most Presidential’…


One thought on “Mo & Mo en Route – Is it about You or Me?”

  1. ok… the last one was very good but this one is sooooo perfect — and funny too — in a sad way. :-(

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