UX Guide Work

A successful web site needs to have a consistent, intuitive user interface, for an experience that is easy to use, with strong design to support the content. A successful site needs a good process, making it easy to replicate, able to adapt and at the same time maximize resources. Style guides and pattern libraries are important tools to making this possible.

Enterprise Software Pattern & Design Guide

HP Software needed to project a more contemporary, forward-thinking image.
The guide was created to provide the messaging and overall visual language, including look and feel, page layouts and pattern specs.

In addition to overall the design the guide provides page templates, usage guidance, page elements and breakdowns of each pattern specs for each page element.

The guide based on an app store model, resulted in increased traffic, greater downloads and Q1 leads worth $46M.

Corporate Web Design & Pattern Guide

Provided Web Style Guides for HP.com pages. This gave designers, developers and agencies access to the tools they needed, which included PDF and web based guides, PSD source files, live versions of patterns and code for developers. I also implemented a process and tracking system to coordinate teams, streamline workflow and ensure consistent updates.

Adapted the current web design and moved to a Responsive Design scheme. Resulted the ability for end-users to view the same page on different devices, while capturing more accurate metrics and providing more efficient development, create once for multiple screens.