Cartoon Work

Below is are samples of my cartoon work.  They include cartoons for blogs, books, cards, web, video, presentations, newsletters and promotions.

The Clog

The characters Mosley G.H.  and Mo-Lee Mullvad a from my comic blog (clog) “2 Guys Named Mo”,  a blog with social and political commentary.

Mosley G.H. MoLee Molvart
Mo & Mo Selfies

Story Characters

Hobart: an elephant who forgot how to dance.
Cow-boy: a smart kid, a super hero in his own mind.

Hobart the Elepahnat

Millie & Bert: trying to survive the office environment.
Alan: a graduate and the great debate, “Which way to go?”

Ethel and Bert

W. W. Webster

Produced as a part of a weekly newsletter on enterprise marketing and business on the web.

Webster Change
Webster internett roadkill
Webster Dance

Promotional items

Bookmark for WebWise on online magazine
Phone face plate

Webwise bookmark front1


These are characters were created to illustrate slide content for presentations.

Antenna calibration.
Those numbers can’t be right!

Hare Wire
Shock and Awe

Juggling jello.
I need to be somewhere else.

Jungling Jello
In he Breeze

The top bananas.
Necessity is the mother...

Top Banana
Mother of Invention