Mo & Mo en Route – the Fix

The Big Fix

There’s a long history of messing with Congressional District boundaries for political gain. It’s messy, I guess it’s an art, but it isn’t pretty.

You know what this looks like? It’s Abstract Expressionism, it is not supposed to look “like” anything. > No, but really look… It conveys action, movement, freedom, it pulls you in, making you feel a part of the work. > It reminds me of a gerrymandered congressional district map… except the result is a polarized Congress without the whole action, movement, freedom, and be a part of it thing. > Ok, I guess I see it. But the painting I like. There is a beauty to it. And with Congress… it just gets ugly.

Mo & Mo en Route – FWWC Amazing

FWWC was amazing!

Women’s World Cup said it all. Nothing lesser here, and so much more!

Shall we now, once and for all, put an end to this absurdity that Women’s sports are in any way less? Come on! Did you see the Women’s World Cup? It was freakin' amazing!

Mo & Mo en Route – Gun v. Safe

Gun v. Safe

Why can’t common sense be a part of the conversation about guns and safety?

I’m a gun guy. I looove guns. I think we got that. > Guns are great! Make you feel powerful, in control, safe … Over 30,000 gun deaths a year in the U.S. Not feeling safe. >  That’s why we need more guns! We should arm everyone! 9 out of 10 shootings are not defensive or about property protection. Still not feeling safe. > You do get, if everyone has a gun… There’ll be more shooting? Exactly! You know that expression, “Cut off your nose to spite your face”? Might help here.

Mo & Mo en Route – Naming Rights

Why do companies and people pay big money for naming rights in the marketplace, but pay big money and hide their names in politics?


So where does this make sense?